Fitness For Duty Evaluations

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFDE) is an examination that helps determine if an individual is mentally and emotionally fit to perform the duties required. Understanding if an individual is able to safely and effectively perform essential job functions can help reduce the liability of the employer and serious consequences of the employee. If an individuals behavior raises concerns that they may be unstable, a FFDE can assess the nature of the psychological issue and help determine its impact of performing the necessary functions of the job.

The FFDE is a process by which an employer requests the evaluation and provides a written description of evidence of concern and any questions they would like address during the process. We will collect any relevant information such as performance evaluations, internal affair investigations, disciplinary actions, or prior evaluations, as an example. Other information may be requested if deemed relevant to get a better understanding of the situation, both from the employer and employee. Depending on the request and the presenting condition of the individual, multiple psychological tests, including possibly neuropsychological test will be administered to help determine psychological and cognitive functioning. Once we have completed our work, we will prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the findings, which includes recommendations and provide this report to the employer.

To learn more about FFDE’s, please contact our office so we can help answer any questions you may have.